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Insomnia can be caused by physical pain whether caused by neuralgia or neuropathic pain which interrupts sleep, however, the most common causes are the mind and emotions.  Anxiety, depression and worry are common culprits to insomnia which can affects sleep in the short term or may last many years.  Sleeping pills may seem attractive at first, however, their long term application is something to be considered as they may produce unwanted side effects including interfering in normal sleeping patterns.  It may be more useful to consider treating insomnia naturally with acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Authentic Acupuncture Clinic in Balmain, located in Sydney’s Inner West.

What is the cause and the progression of symptoms that lead to insomnia according to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture ?

According to the ancient Chinese, anxiety and anger can affect the Liver and Pericardium (Organs with spheres of influence over the regulation of emotions according to Chinese Medicine), the functions of these organs can thus be thrown out and lead to a type of hyperactivity which disturbs the mind.  Such emotions may also disturb the digestion functions that regulate appetite and digestion and lead to further malnutrition and disrupt the supply of nutrients required to keep the body and mind resilient to stress.

In the elderly and those that suffer from Chronic conditions, the body’s resources may be in decline which can further lead to symptoms such as palpitations coinciding with insomnia.  When fatigue is also an issue it may make one vulnerable to sudden fright or shock as a symptom complex accompanying insomnia.

The recent events of Covid 19 have seen many suffer from long Covid among which, insomnia can be a very common symptom. Individuals looking for relief from insomnia or long Covid may think about trying acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Authentic Acupuncture in Balmain.

What are the types of insomnia and how are they categorized according to Chinese medicine and acupuncture theory?

According to Chinese medicine and acupuncture, as practiced in Balmain at Authentic Acupuncture clinic, the following are some common presenting causes and syndromes of insomnia…

Depressed Liver with hyperactivity: This type of insomnia is often accompanied by irritability, irascibility and thirst and often a tongue coating that appears yellowish.

Incoordination between the mind and body :  Insomnia is accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus, dryness in the mouth, a hot sensation in the palms and soles, forgetfulness, lower back pain, palpitations and a reddened tongue, often at the tip.

Mental exhaustion and digestive and absorption issues: Excess dreaming with early waking, forgetfulness, palpitations, dizziness, lack of strength, low appetite, pale complexion and tongue.

Fatigue and timidity: Much dreaming whilst easily awakened. Susceptibility to fright or easily startled.

How are these different causes of insomnia treated with acupuncture and Chinese medicine?

As always, acupuncture and Chinese medicine takes an individualised approach to treatment which means the practitioner takes the pulse, looks at the tongue and asks questions to see which syndrome or syndromes are most relevant. Specific acupuncture points are chosen and stimulated with single use, stainless steel disposable fine needles to re-establish homeostasis and relieve the causes of insomnia. Chinese herbs are often used to help reinforce the results and prevent re occurrence.


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