What to expect from your acupuncture treatment?


Your first treatment…

Upon arriving at the clinic, clients fill out a client intake form detailing their main complaint, relevant medical history and consent to treatment. After filling out the form, the consultation then involves asking relevant questions to arrive at a diagnosis of the causes.

Physical examinations

You will be given a physical examination by your practitioner. They will do such things as looking at your tongue and its coating, feeling the pulse and palpation of your abdomen, which can also be utilised to facilitate diagnosis.

Acupuncture treatment

Your treatment will involve the use of fine sterile needles in various acupuncture points along the body surface.   A typical treatment can use as little as 2-3 points or several or more points.

Other treatment techniques

You might also be treated with other treatment techniques. These can include acupressure (massage of acupuncture points and meridians), infra-red heat, and sometimes taking a few drops of blood from acupuncture points much like people do when testing their blood sugars.

Treatment sensations and effects

These will vary from individual to individual depending on the length of time you’ve been suffering with your issue, its severity and your relative health. General feelings you may experience during treatment can include feelings of warmth, tingling and or mild numbness. If tired, one may feel a lift or refreshed. If stressed, one can often feel relaxed, calm and at ease. If in pain, the goal and general outcome is often a relief or cessation of pain.


What happens next?

Your ongoing treatment plan will often be outlined at your first session along with some dietary and lifestyle recommendations that are individually specific to your current health state and main complaints. For acute conditions that are less serious and haven’t lasted more than 1 or 2 months, 2-4 sessions are generally sufficient to resolve or control the symptoms and relieve pain. If you’ve suffered from a particular condition for a year or more, at least 4-8 treatments are usually required to provide effective outcomes. Often, some follow up treatments are required from time to time to help prevent the return of symptoms and to effectively treat the causes and prevent relapse of symptoms.


Treatment times

  • initial consultation – 60 minutes
  • follow up consultations – 20 – 40 minutes

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Initial Consultation: $165 (45-60 minutes). Follow up consultation: $100 (30-50 minutes). Chinese Herbal Medicine - $60 consultation fee 30 mins (fee waived if having acupuncture) Av cost per week for herbs is $28-$38.

All health funds rebates available (except WA health).

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If you suffer from any of the conditions listed (or you're suffering from something not listed yet), you may still be able to experience relief with Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. If you're unsure, if acupuncture is right for you, we'd be delighted to talk to you further. You can call the clinic on 9188 1560 or book an appointment via the form above.

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