De Quervains disease is a

condition of inflammation of

the abductor and extensor

tendons that run across

the wrist and refer to the


At Authentic Acupuncture in Balmain, located in the Inner West of Sydney, Chinese medicine practitioner Brendan C. Meek regularly treats and relieves the pain and dysfunction associated with wrist and hand pain conditions such as De Quervains disease. De Quervains disease is a condition of inflammation of the abductor and extensor tendons that run across the wrist and refer to the thumb.

What are the symptoms of De Quervains disease, what causes it and who is at risk?

The onset of symptoms is often gradual and may involve a low grade pain on the thumb side of the wrist. Swelling and tenderness on the thumb side of the wrist may also be present. Pain is often exacerbated when the ‘thumbs up’ signal is given as the thumb is held in a 90 degree angle. A definitive cause is often contentious, however, any activity that engages repetitive hand or wrist movements such as gardening, throwing and racket sports, gardening or lifting a child can make the situation worse.

What can you or the doctor do?

The earlier you can intervene or notice the problem the better. In this way you can try to avoid or mitigate suspected or potential causes that involve repetitive movements of the hand or wrist. Your doctor may suggest anti-inflammatories or immobilising the area with a splint. Failing that, the doctor may suggest a cortisone injection or surgery to cut the tendon sheath to give more room for the tendons to move.

But what if I don’t want to

have a cortisone injection or

surgery. What else can I do,

is there another solution?

Many clients seek acupuncture treatment in Balmain with Brendan as they are looking for a natural solution for their wrist pain that doesn’t involve what they might consider ‘risky’ interventions. Secondarily, some patients may not have had success with their cortisone injection and are trying to avoid surgery.

Treating De Quervain’s disease successfully with acupuncture and Chinese medicine involves taking each individuals body and lifestyle into account. Depending upon whether or not you use your hands for a living, are a mother with children and what health history you have will determine the course of treatment and what individual acupuncture points will specifically help you.

Acupuncture sessions will often be required 1-2 times a week for 2 to 3 weeks. You may have a complete resolution in such a time or you may need some follow up treatments depending on the severity, duration and ongoing aggravating factors. The treatment itself will involve the insertion of fine sterile needles to stimulate specific points to relieve inflammation and pain at the wrist. Treatment also often utilizes specialised acupressure soft tissue manipulation techniques and the use of infra red therapy to encourage healing. Occasionally, Chinese herbs are suggested to speed up the healing process. Particularly when the body is in a weakened state of general health.

If you’re looking for relief from wrist pain such as De Quervain’s disease, call Brendan at Authentic Acupuncture clinic in Balmain on 02 9188 1560 to make a booking or to discuss your condition. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your healing journey!

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