The Achilles tendon suffers

from poor blood supply

reinforcing the need to

respect early symptoms

and get started on

treatment as soon as


Achilles tendonitis is an inflammatory disorder that affects the thick tendon connecting the calf to the heel. Conventionally, due to the poor blood supply to the tendon, the condition may be difficult to overcome. However, utilizing correct rehabilitation exercises and treatment using Acupuncture, infrared heat therapy, massage, Chinese herbal medicine, return to normal activities may occur sooner than expected.

What are the symptoms? Symptoms may begin slowly with pain at the Achilles with use with possible swelling over the area. If the condition worsens further, there may be pain before, during and after exercise with the tendon being tender to touch with pain intensifying walking uphill or upstairs.

How is it caused? Over use or sudden increase in intensity, frequency and of use or volume of the calf muscle may begin onset of Achilles tendonitis. Distance runners are particularly at risk populations, but also those who have suddenly taken up exercises such as skipping or some other fitness regime.

What can you do? Consider temporarily ceasing the aggravating activity for the short term. However, if symptoms are mild, try to maintain some gentle short walks if possible. If pain and inflammation begin to settle down, start to initiate some gentle calf stretching exercises. Make an appointment with Authentic Acupuncture in Balmain, located in Sydney’s Inner West to start treatment as early as possible for better results.

What about a cortisone shot? Cortisone shot are usually NOT recommended for Achilles tendonitis as they increase the possibility of weakening the tendon and causing it to rupture.

How can Achilles

tendonitis heal faster using

Acupuncture, Chinese

medicine, massage and

infrared heat therapy?

“Authentic Acupuncture

clinic has treated Olympic,

State and National level

runners for various foot,

ankle, knee, hip and

Achilles tendonitis injuries

over the past 20years…”

At Authentic Acupuncture clinic in Balmain, we have treated Olympic, State and National level runners for various foot, ankle, knee and Achilles tendonitis problems over the past 20 years… According to our experience, using a four pointed approach of special acupuncture techniques, local acupressure and soft tissue manipulation, Infra red heat therapy and Chinese herbal medicine, we aim to significantly help in assisting athletes and the general population resume their activities as fast as possible.

The aim of treatment for Achilles tendinopathy at Authentic Acupuncture clinic is to relieve pain, relax tense muscles and fascia, relieve swelling and inflammation in and around the side of injury, promote energy and blood flow to speed healing at the level of cells, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. Very importantly, we also holistically assess the need to balance other areas of the body that are sub optimal and degrading the ability to fully recover at the injured site. For example, treating conditions such as insomnia, indigestion, migraines and hormonal imbalance that may be taking away from the body’s ability to solely concentrate on healing the injury. In general, when the whole body is healthier, the injured site is much easier to heal.

If your looking for acupuncture near me, or treatment for Achilles tendonitis using acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Balmain or the Inner West, call us Authentic Acupuncture on (02) 9188 1560 to make an appointment and take your first step towards healing.

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