Do you ever feel that as life goes on, you meet people who seem similar in ways physically, behaviorally or emotionally? There may be something to your hunch.

In the sphere of Chinese medical thought, there are five major personality types with 5 divisions. These five major personality types correspond with the Chinese classification of the five elements being wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The five divisions are combinations among the five personality types for example, a wood/fire type.   All together, 25 types of people.  

Let’s take a look at the metal type.

Firstly, the appearance. Metal types often have a square face with a bright complexion with a head shape that is relatively small.  The shoulders are square and the hands and feet are relatively small.

The behavior of metal types often shows a driving need for recognition and approval.  They are sharp minded and often like to play the knight in ‘shining’ armour! They are generally loyal and determined individuals. On the negative side they can be contrary and stubborn and a little secretive.

As for body language, or tells in the FBI!, you will find them to be humorous individuals. They can be authoritative and demonstrative in their language. They may also be opinionated and comparative and may jump to conclusions.

As for interests and inclinations, they like anything to do with sports, martial skill or military science. They also like movable objects and gadgetry.  metal types like spicy and sweet foods but tend to avoid bitter foods.  They like to wear bright, light, golden colours yet tend to avoid red

Thelung is ruled by metal. Metal personalities often suffer problems related to the lung and all that it rules (from a Chinese medicine perspective). Asthma, pneumonia, coughing are common lung problems.  The lung rules the skin (it also breathes) and so you may find metal people with skin problems and allergies of various kinds.

Generally speaking, we have a person who is often stubborn and yet compassionate and loyal.


Reference: Adapted from Stephen T. Chang, The Great Dao

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