Do you ever feel that as life goes on, you meet people who seem similar in ways physically, behaviorally or emotionally? There may be something to your hunch.

In the sphere of Chinese medical thought, there are five major personality types with 5 divisions. These five major personality types correspond with the Chinese classification of the five elements being wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The five divisions are combinations amongst the five division for example, a wood/fire type.   All together, 25 types of people.  

Let’s take a look at the Fire type.

Firstly, the appearance. Fire types often have a complexion that is florid or reddish. The head is often small with a bony skinny face.  The shoulders are broad, the hands and feet in good proportion. Their gait shows the shoulders swing when walking and overall the walking is light and steady.

The behavior of fire types is often determined, zealous and fanatical! They are always fighting for a cause and you may notice them at a local rally or protest should it light their fire, so to speak.  These are quick and clever people who are mostly optimistic and positive. In the negative, they can be impatient, risky and impulsive. If the fire becomes an inferno, they can become tyrannical. 

As for body language, or tells in the FBI!, you will find that they are straightforward rather than analytical. Often excited and exaggerated, they are open, friendly and unpremeditated. They will often interrupt you mid conversation with a pace of speech that matches their burn.  You will know if they are upset  The dragon rises and flames pour out,  often yelling when angry.

As for interests and inclinations, they like the fast lane and so you will often find them coping with emergencies, assuming responsibilities and involved in competition and sports of all kinds. They like sour and bitter tasting foods, yet, you won’t find them eating much salt or foods that are salty.  Some might admit to being shopaholics as they like beauty, spending or expensive things.  Dark and brooding colours are not their thing.  They’ll be seen in colours red, blue and green.

The heart is ruled by fire. Fire personalities often suffer problems related to the heart and all that it rules (from a Chinese medicine perspective). Problems in the head such as sore eyes, ringing in the ears, dry tongue and mouth, burning face and brain diseases. Shoulder pain, chest pain, palpitations, heart attacks, strokes and indigestion are also susceptible areas. High blood pressure, irregular pulses, hot and cold flushes are also possible.

Generally speaking, we have a person who is active, driving with abundant common sense.




Reference: Stephen T. Chang, The Great Dao.

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