Do you ever feel that as life goes on, you meet people who seem similar in ways physically, behaviorally or emotionally? There may be something to your hunch.

In the sphere of Chinese medical thought, there are five major personality types with 5 divisions. These five major personality types correspond with the Chinese classification of the five elements being wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The five divisions are combinations amongst the five division for example, a wood/fire type.   All together, 25 types of people.  

Let’s take a look at the earth type.

Firstly, the appearance. Earth types often have a sallow complexion and a round face and larger size head. The shoulders are well muscled and abdomen tends to be larger. The gait is stable with firm steps.

The behavior of earth types is largely harmonious. Earth people are mediating, tolerant, avoid arguments, are quiet and patient. Being pragmatic, earth people are organized, responsible and coordinating. In the negative, earth people can be self centred and can otherwise be at times lukewarm and repressed.

As for body language, or tells in the FBI! Earth people often praise others so that everyone is happy . They are smooth in communication and can be known to boast for practical purposes or to gossip.

As for interests and inclinations, neutrality is the hallmark. They dislike fighting and don’t care much for sports. Sweets are the preferred flavour as sour and spicy ones are avoided.

The spleen and pancreas are ruled by earth. Earth personalities often suffer problems related to the digestion and assimilation and all that it rules (from a Chinese medicine perspective). Problems in the abdomen such as stomachache, indigestion and other stomach problems, pancreas problems, elimination problems, flatulence. Sugar problems such as diabetes and hypoglycaemia. other problems include, light headedness, fatigue, over worrying and cold hands and feet.

Generally speaking, earth people are gentle individuals who are generous yet cautious.

Reference: Stephen T. Chang, The Great Dao.

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