Do you ever feel that as life goes on, you meet people who seem similar in ways physically, behaviorally or emotionally? There may be something to your hunch.

In the sphere of Chinese medical thought, there are five major personality types with 5 divisions. These five major personality types correspond with the Chinese classification of the five elements being wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The five divisions are combinations amongst the five division for example, a wood/fire type.   All together, 25 types of people.  

Let’s take a look at the Wood type.

Firstly, the appearance. Wood types often have a complexion that is pale or bluish cast. The face is often long.  The shoulders are relatively strong and the back is straight.  The body is often slim with hands that are slim and agile.

The behaviour of wood types is one that is rational, persistent, enduring and hardworking. You will find wood types having strong goals, perhaps even a vision board, and being well scheduled and imaginative.  On the negative side, wood types can be self doubting, dissatisfied, skeptical or they may come across as egotistical, biased, forceful or uncompassionate. You may also find them a bit eccentric and even at times a bit reclusive.

As for body language, or tells in the FBI!, you might find them smiling when listening to you. They can often talk at great length and even more than necessary. You may also find that they are well educated and well studied and thus they can be quite theoretical in their approach and conversations.

As for interests and inclinations, they don’t care for spicy foods much and tend to like sour and salty foods instead. They are often uncomfortable with white or light colours so you may find them avoiding such tones in their dress. As for recreational pursuits, they often like music, swimming, fishing and excursions in general.  They have good abilities in research, thinking and regulating and as such, you may find that their work involves the use of these skills.

The liver is ruled by wood. According to Chinese medical theory, wood types can suffer problems related to all that pertains to the liver . Such problems can include; eyesight problems, bitter taste in the mouth, headache, migraine, chest pressure, heartburn, back pain, stomach pain, liver problems, gall bladder problems, hernia, vomiting, abnormal stools, menstrual difficulties, testicle pain, depression and arthritis.

Generally speaking, we have a person who is creative yet careful.




Reference: Stephen T. Chang, The Great Dao.









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