Winter often brings with it various colds and flus to challenge our immune system.  However, there are some Eastern secrets we can employ to lessen the severity and maybe even prevent colds and flus

Play Yin Yang. If it’s Cold, eat Warm Foods.

The health and fitness community has made great strides into getting us to be more active and watch our calories.  A great achievement.  However, fitness does not always equal health. We are still subject to the forces of nature and thus our best defence is to harmonise with our surroundings.  A salad just won’t cut it in winter. 

By all means keep active.  You can be fit and healthy.  Better to watch your calories in a way that eliminates the junk food rather than skimping on nutrients dense foods such as casseroles etc.  Winter requires we consume nutrient dense foods that are cooked and easy to digest to supply us with the extra energy required to keep warm.  This will alleviate the body of the stress put on it from the colder weather and thus a more stable immunity can be achieved. 

The Lungs have two injuries according to the ancients. One is external cold, the other is internal cold derived from over consumption of raw and cold (also refrigerated these days) food and drink. If we also consider that the Lungs and upper respiratory sytstem are the main victims of winter, then it is important to do what we can to support them.

The bottom line is to consume more warm and cooked foods in winter. Replace Salads with cooked veges (steamed, stir fried, casserole). Minimize excess consumption of fruits (yes, that’s right!). Try to avoid chilled drinks and instead consume more herbal teas or room temperatures water. For alcohol consumption, choose spirits and red wine over white wine and beer (be moderate of course : ) 
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