Plunging your face into ice cold water may not be your idea of fun…  However! there may be some benefits that are not only cosmetic, but potentially have the ability to reset your nervous system and help you to sleep better.

What is it? 

Basically, it is submerging your face into ice cold water for brief periods at a time to induce local cosmetic benefits as well as systemic relaxing effects on the nervous system.

How do you do it?

Firstly, you require the following: A large salad bowl, water, ice cubes, a towel.

Step 1 Fill a large salad bowl (big enough to comfortably put your face in) with cold water about 90% full and place it in/on your sink or anywhere you are not so concerned with water spillage

Step 2 Empty a tray or handful of ice cubes into the water and wait 5 minutes

Step 3 Stir the water around to even out the temperature of the water

Step 4 Take a deep breath and submerge your face into the cold water for 10 seconds up to the level just in front of your ears.

Step 5 After you take your face out of the water, take a few breaths and repeat Step 4 twice more for best results

Step 6 Towel yourself dry and have a nice warm cup of your favourite tea!

What are the benefits? How does it work?

From the cosmetic perspective, the cooling and contracting effect of the ice on the skin may minimize the appearance of pores, wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes and redness because it causes the body to increase the blood flow to rewarm the area. 

If you are looking to destress, relax or sleep better.  Giving yourself an ice water facial engages the ‘Rest and Digest’ segment of your nervous system (parasympathetic) helping your body to slow down, relax and sleep better. Thus, you move away from overstimulation of the stress response of the ‘Fight or Flight’ (sympathetic) part of your nervous system that so often leads to difficulty sleeping, relaxing and poor digestion if left being ‘turned on’ for too long.

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